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TravelTravelling can be defined as moving from one place to another for various purposes such as migration, research, trade, business trips, pilgrims, tourism, volunteer for any charity and recreation.

Travelling have many benefits which are advantage to people who are fed up with their daily routine, people have become mechanical in their lives and are getting stressed out by following their routine of work, sleep, eat and just living and this may also affect health of person and travelling places help people to destress and refresh themselves.

A person will be coming out of his comfort zone while travelling and they become adventurous, they can live like completely, discover new things and face completely different part of life. And travelling is good for any age and it helps people to find themselves.

Adventure places in USA:

Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona which is 270m long and 18 miles deep and it is dived in to 4 parts east rim, west rim, north rim and south rim. And there are many adventurous activities to do such as sky walk in Grand Canyon west, boat ride in Colorado river, rafting, mule rides to supia tunnel, hiking on north trail, visiting of horse shoe bend, ranger programs at south rim, biking and camping. The best time to visit this place march to May which is peak time and September to November.

Kauai is located in Hawaiian Islands, it is fourth largest island and also known as "garden isle". Outdoor activities that can be seen here are sunset dinner cruise with cool breeze, awful scenery and colours around, snorkeling, sailing, touring in landscape, zip line of 7 types through pine forest, hiking and trekking. Kauai has stable weather so you can visit anytime.  





Flying and gliding: these are the incredible experiences, it is available from London to Bedfordshire and you will be accompanied with experience gliders.

Zorbing: in this you will be put in a ball and rolling down from top of hill or may be on water. Each zorbing ball can have 2 persons in it with weight up to 200kilograms and places for zorbing are Sphere mania Nottingham and Manchester south sphering.

Scuba diving: it is seeing underwater world, locations for scuba diving are Scapa Flow in Scotland, skomer marine reserve and rhoscolyn beacon in whales.

Clay pigeon shooting: it is one sport which is getting high popularity in UK and this sport can be played by all and they help people to learn shooting places for clay pigeon shooting are Enfield, barnet in greater London and god stone.

Horse riding on beach: taking ride on horseback is idyllic sport and places for the horse riding on beach id Silecroft beach.

Rock climbing: it is a healthy man's sport, one should be fit and flexible in order to climb a rock, place for rock climbing in London is gritstone crags.

These are some of the places to visit in USA and UK you can find more details at: https://www.kandooadventures.com/news-and-views/kilimanjaro-difficulty-how-hard-is-it-to-climb-kilimanjaro/






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