If you are interested in travelling or to do an adventure then we will be the best people to guide, plan and make the success of your trip. And most important thing is that we make the adventures memorable even if it is challenging destination. We give more importance to our customers and we are very interactive with them.

Best things about us:

Our safety is out standing

We have good and world class equipment for trekking

Our success is high in all destinations

We have best customer satisfaction ratings

We have very précised and picked hand guides

We always have a person to look after environment and also the crew

We have various good package sand offers that a person can choose, visit our site.We are previously known as private expeditions, we are specialist in climbing high altitude and making adventures.

Our success:

Kilimanjaro at Tanzania

Everest base camp in Nepal

Inca trail to macho picchu in Peru

Cultural tours and trekking at Bhutan

Aconcagua in south America

On our site we even mention about the physical and mental fitness to be done, and in order to be fit you need to concentrate on:

Cardio training: it helps to improve cardio vascular fitness.

Build up stamina: the best way to build up your stamina you can run, walk, go foe aerobics, Zumba and also spinning and do it at least 3 times a week around 30 minutes.

Leg-strength: leg strength is necessary as we will be walking at least 5-6 hours a day and to strengthen you need to do squats and lunges.

Flexibility: stretch your body before and after workouts then we can avoid injuries.

And we also mention routes, period for trekking, days, list of kit to be taken, and we also take care of travelling.



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